Building Business With ‘Why’

I don’t know if you’ve seen this Ted Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why. He discusses a very interesting idea that is highly relevant to sales. People by ‘Why’ from you as much as they buy ‘What’. The idea that people buy based on emotion rather than logic is consistent with this notion that people buy “Why you are doing it” as much as “What you are doing”.

Compare that with the statement below: [more here]

If you want to reach your audience, you must have something significant to say that you are passionate about, genuine passion will attract attention and attention will lead to action.

Bringing this a little closer to home, when we sell I don’t know how much we talk about what we’re passionate about, and why we are passionate about it. I just don’t know if we have this. And if we don’t have this then there is a good chance that we are not holding their attention. And I believe that when we lose their attention their mind turns to price, or to what the competitor told them, or their (possibly incorrect) preconceived notion, or to what they want to eat for lunch.

If you have ‘Why’ then not only do you have it going into a sales presentation, but it is also plastered all over your website, collateral, stories, anecdotes, and emails.

The sad part is that we have the Why – It is evident in the quality of work, the fun that we have, the light heart and joy that we bring to the work. If we didn’t have the why we wouldn’t be able to cheerfully put in extra hours and go the extra mile to help the client understand what we are doing.

I think that part of the reason it is so difficult to see is that we are not the ones that are bored. We are all excited about the ‘What’ of our organization. It can be difficult to see it through the perspective of our audience. Nothing appears to be missing to us.


For us the ‘Why’ is not only that we passionately believe that we can drive more effective traffic to your website, that we know we can coach your organization through some of the nuances that can be challenging. It is also that we believe we can help you make a better web. We believe that moving one project forward in the right light can help many others who are touched by that project. And we believe that if your project is undertaken with a sound eye to the economics of the activities it makes the next successful project more likely.

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